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The company began in 1986 in Mary Ellen’s mother’s back bedroom and garage. The business was started as a way to stay home with her infant son. Soon her home-based company was blossoming and in 1987 her cousin, Patrick joined her. Before long, they were adding designs and taking their product line on the road and local trade shows.

The business eventually moved to a very small facility in downtown Dallas until 1990, when sales growth necessitated a move to a larger building in Garland, Texas. That was also the year of the publication of their first color catalog. Key accounts were solidly on board and a full national distribution network was achieved.

Mary Ellen’s daughter, Rebecca, came on full time in 1995 to oversee the new sister company, Campus I.D., which caters exclusively to the college and fraternal markets. That same year, the company was able to purchase its own building for all of the design, manufacturing and fulfillment needs of the company.


We are fully integrated with in-house design, model and mold making, along with wax, casting, polishing, engraving and assembly departments. Our 9,000 square foot facility in Garland, Texas has a showroom for retail customers to come browse our complete line of charms, accessories and gifts.

Design Visions uses the lost wax casting method of manufacturing. This process has been used for thousands of years. Lost wax casting produces designs in silver or similar metals while keeping the fine details of the original piece in each reproduction.


We take pride in providing families with heirloom jewelry that will be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. Our commitment to excellence begins with manufacturing the highest quality sterling silver charms right here in America. Our extensive line of unique charm designs are completely copyrighted and protected by law. Over the years, we have become recognized as a leader in innovative designs and prompt delivery. We strive to provide no less than the very best customer service. From the local specialty store to the largest department store, our vision is to design and deliver the highest quality collectable for all ages.

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